Queensland Bridge Association - Records

Queensland Title Holders and Representatives

QBA Championships Gold Coast Congress Barrier Reef Congress

QBA Teams of Three

2016Neville Francis, Anne Barry, Jenny Hay, Camille Henry
2015Dawn Cullen, Joan Jenkins, Linda Norman, Ross Murtagh
2014Tom Strong, Alan Boyce, Joan Jenkins, Linda Norman
2013Denise Dodd with Daria Williams, Sheryl Haslam, Ian Cameron
20121st = Richard Wallis, Alison Dawson, Craig Francis, Tim Runting
1st = Peter Hainsworth, Charlie Lu, Chuan Qin, Eileen Li
20121st=Richard Wallis with Alison Dawson, Craig Francis and Tim Runting
Peter Hainsworth with Charlie Lu, Chuan Qin and Eileen Li
2011Paul Hooykaas, Robin Steinhardt. Marion Gazzard, Andrew Woollons
2010Claire Green, Christine Baynes, Rozanne Thomas, Jillian Tuckey




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