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Queensland Senior Teams

2017Kevin Steffensen, Carolyn Miller, Paula McLeish, David McLeish
2016Ivy Luck, John Luck, Paul Hooykaas, Ralph Parker
2015David Harris, Timothy Ridley, Rosemary Green, Diana Stagg
2014Richard Perry, Rosemary Crowley, Alan Maltby, Diane Maltby, Mary Winch
2013Michael Pemberton, John Gough, Tony Berger, Eva Berger
2012Robert Milward, Helen Milward, Ian Afflick, Paul Collins
2011David Harris, Kevin Feeney, Kendall Early, Timothy Ridley
2010Andrew Slater, William Healy, Agnes Kempthorne, Barry Kempthorne
2009Greer Tucker, Robyn Clayton, Alan Smith, Maureen Jakes
2008John Gough, Jill Broad, Graham Rusher, Denise Dodd
2007Bill Hunt, Rosa Lachman, Danny Osmund Jan Varmo
2006Robert Milward, Helen Milward, Ian Afflick, Paul Collins
2005Bill Hunt, Michael Pemberton, Larry Moses, Richard Touton
2004Larry Moses, Bill Hunt, Tom Strong, Anthony Tuxworth
2002Tom Swainston, Freda Swainston, Jim Millar, Margaret Millar
2001Michael Kent, Mike Robson, Denise Dodd, Tony Jackman
2000Betty Shaw, Sue Mabin, Pat Buch, Rosemary Crowley
1999Bill Hunt, Peter Hainsworth, Claire Hyne, Keith Bishop
1998Bill Hunt, Peter Hainsworth, Claire Hyne, Keith Bishop




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