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Queensland Novice Pairs

2016Steven Parkes - Unis Suliman
2015Helen Blair - Anthony Marsland
2014Rebecca Knight - Naureen Gearon
2013Barbara Love - Judy Hapeta
2012Eric Goodchild - Debra Goodchild
2011Alan Boyce - Andrew Woollons
2010Mary Ewing - Alan Boyce
2009Paul Han - Yonghee Jun
2008Ivan Lam - Ronald Rheuben
2007Cheryl Stone - Justin Brown
2006Sandra Kerley - Maria Ruttiman
2005Paul Han - Ismail Meman
2004Lorraine King - Helen Standfast
2003Bruce Carroll - Andrea Smith
2002Judy Hildebrand - Barry Williams
2001John Millar - Daniel Hatcher
2000Yolanda Carter - Mike Fox
1999John Hicks - P Smith




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