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Queensland Mixed Pairs Championship

2017Lyn Carter - Malcolm Carter
2016Lyn Carter - Malcolm Carter
2015Eileen Li - Watson Zhou
2014Joan Butts - Paul Wyer
2013Betty Lee - Mike Robson
2012Richard Wallis - Therese Tully
2011Sue O'Brien - Paul Collins
2010Meta Goodman - Tony Jackman
2009Maureen Jakes - Sanmugaras Kamalarasa
2008Janeen Solomon - Neville Francis
2007Janeen Solomon - Neville Francis
2006Bill Hunt - Rosa Lachman
2005Neville Francis - Janeen Solomon
2004Pele Rankin - Peter Gill
2003Robyn Clayton - Alan Smith
2002Therese Tully - Richard Wallis
2001Rosemary Crowley - Nathan van Jole
2000= Shiela & Ralph Parker
2000= Pat McKenna - Michael Corner
1999Betty Lee - Mike Robson
1998Ivy Dahler - Neville Francis
1997Dianne Roddy - Alan Maltby
1996Margaret & Jim Millar
1995Ivy Dahler - Adrian Mayers
1994Robyn Clayton - Alan Smith
1993Hazel Denny - Andrew Pryde
1992Margaret Millar - Arnold Remedios
1991Joan & Michael Kent
1990Dawn Cullen - Andrew Pryde
1989Di Rogers - John Summerhayes
1988Betty Lee - Mike Robson
1987Diana Cadzow - Ross Dick
1986Betty Shaw - Andrew Pryde
1985Therese Tully - Kevin Hume
1984Margaret Drake - Richard Wallis
1983Bettie Reid - Ross Dick
1982Therese Tully - Mike Robson
1981Verna Graham - Tony Jackman
1980Pat Back - Richard Ward
1979Jill Pyne - Walter Ridder
1978Barbara & Warren Neill
1977Mrs W Graham - Tony Jackman
1976Margaret Drake - Bruce Neill
1975Mrs Jill Anderson - George Cuppaidge
1974Mrs C Witteboon - Frank Engwirda




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