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Queensland Wide Pairs

2016NS: Therese Tully - Richard Wallis
EW: Christine Perkins - Yvonne Houbolt
2015NS: Henry Eastment - Adrian Mayers
EW: Sharyn Birrer - John Morris
2014NS: Caroline Collie - Lorna Edrich
EW: Dorothy Gehrke - Roy Davenport
2013NS: Cathy Reed- Jeanette Roughley
EW: John Gill - Kevin Feeney
2012NS: Rosemary Carleton - Joan Tucker
EW: Robbie Fulton - Larraine Sutton
2011NS: Eva Berger - Tony Berger EW: Alan Pickering - Carol Pickering
2010NS: Diane Wenham - Margaret Keating EW: Nicholas Horner - Farzin Meshki
2009NS: Diane Wenham - Margaret Keating EW: Beverly Bonnell - Neil Bonnell
2008NS: E Berger-T Berger EW: K Ormerod-J Smith




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