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Queensland Graded Teams A


2017Malcolm Carter, Tony Hutton, Charlie Lu, Chuan Qin
2016Malcolm Carter, Tony Hutton, Larry Moses, Richard Touton
2015Therese Tully, Richard Wallis, Kerry Wood, Charles Howard
2014Kevin Steffensen, Neville Francis, Pamela Evans, James Evans
2013Annette Corkhill, Bill Hunt, Sylvia Sender, Rosa Lachman
2012Sanmugaras Kamalarasa, Ralph Parker, Nathan Van Jole, Neville Francis
2011Richard Ward, Lynette Vincent, Marion Cooke, Kim Ellaway
2010Rosa Lachman, Leslie Cheung, Bill Hunt , Sylvia Sender
2009Ian Afflick, Paul Collins, Charles Howard, Kerry Wood
2008Charles Howard, Kerry Wood, Anthony Tuxworth, Nadia Tuxworth
2007Marion Cooke, Kim Ellaway, Lindy Vincent, Richard Ward
2006Robyn Clayton, Alan Smith, John Mills, Keith McDonald
2005Darko Janzekovic, S Kamalarasa, Biana Barden & John Pritchard
2004Ralph Parker, Nathan Van Jole, Peter Hainsworth, Paul Gosney
2003Neville Francis, Denis Croft, Terry Strong, Janeen Solomon
2002Ivy Luck, John Luck, Paul Collins, Ulla Ridgway
2001David Anderson, Kaoru Anderson, Peter Hainsworth, Aaron Hodkinson
2000Sue Mabin, Betty Shaw, Pat Buch, Rosemary Crowley
1999Andrew Pryde, Clare Green, Ralph Parker, Peter Hainsworth
1998Bill Hunt, Magnus Moren, Adrian Mayers, Neville Francis
1997Richard Ward, Lindy Vincent, Marion Cooke, Kim Ellaway
1996John Rose, Adrian Mayers, Ivy Dahler, Neville Francis
1995Bill Hunt, Magnus Moren, Richard Wallis, Therese Tully




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