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2017Annette Scott - Judy Hefferan
2016Andrew Gosney - Jack Luke-Paredi
2015Gabriel Boross - Gary Ypinazar
2014Bob Thomas - Christine Thomas
2013Chris Larter - Andrew Gosney
2012Denise Hartwig - Mavis Simpson
2011Paul Brake - Jessica Brake
2010Peter Nilsson - Debbie Nilsson
2009N Moore - G Martin
2008Yolanda Carter - Murray Perrin
2007Geoff Roberts - Kevin Dean
2006David Temple - Patricia Thomson
2005Kevin Dean & Geoffrey Roberts
2004Karen Elves - Anne Barry
2003Michael Stoneman - Joanna Bratko
2002Joanna Allard - Julia Gardiner
2001Peter Scott - Jeanette Campbell
2000B Fraser - L Faulkner
1999John Leckie - P Smith
1998Marion McKnight - M Threlfall
1997R Ludke - John Krezckowski
1996J Hoffman - G Gemmell
1995Lyn Shellshear - Barry Blick
1994Alun Preece - G Martin




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