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Gold Coast Congress Title Holders

2017Gold Coast Friday Novice PairsPaul Elkington - Trevor Rayfield
2017Gold Coast Ivy Dahler Butler Pairs - IntermediateLinda Norman - Wendy Gibson
2017Gold Coast Ivy Dahler Butler Pairs - OpenNS: Danny Sprung - Joann Sprung
EW: Jessica Brake - Matthew Brown
2017Gold Coast Ivy Dahler Butler Pairs - RestrictedAndrew Gosney - Jack Luke-Paredi
2017Gold Coast Seres-McMahon Swiss PairsKevin Tant - John Brockwell
2017Gold Coast Thursday Rookie PairsNS: Devi Thillainathan - Ian Sobey
EW: Arvind Bhasin - Geeta Bhasin
2017Gold Coast Under 50 Masterpoint Pairs (Wed)Rick Webster - Robert Olander
2017Gold Coast Teams Championship - Intermediate Margaret Rogers, John Rogers, Sue Moffitt, Ken Moffitt
2017Gold Coast Teams Championship - Novice Allan Byrnes, Steven Parkes, Unis Suliman, Peter Taylor
2017Gold Coast Teams Championship - OpenAndy Hung, Nye Griffiths, Liam Milne, Kornel Lazar, Michael Whibley, Roger Lee
2017Gold Coast Teams Championship - RestrictedJessica Chew, Rez Karim, Yuning Zheng, Zhongjie Xiao
2017Gold Coast Teams Championship - SeniorsAlan Walsh, Barbara Mcdonald, Arjuna De Livera, Elizabeth Havas
2017Gold Coast Under 50 Masterpoint Pairs (Tue)NS: Stephen Miller - Jonathan Silbergberg
EW: Jennifer Finigan - Mary Simon
2017Gold Coast Monday Butler Swiss PairsMaha Hoenig - Nadya Tuxworth
2017Gold Coast Monday Butler Swiss Pairs 500Kevin Wang - Hannah Zhang
2017Gold Coast Sunday Rookie Pairs NS: Arvind Bhasin - Geeta Bhasin
EW Sharon Hart - Wanda Little
2017Gold Coast Pairs Championship - Intermediate Jan Randall - Peter Randall
2017Gold Coast Pairs Championship - NoviceDerek Poulton - Nick Walsh
2017Gold Coast Pairs Championship - OpenJustin Howard - Tony Nunn
2017Gold Coast Pairs Championship - RestrictedJessica Chew - Rez Karim
2017Gold Coast Pairs Championship - SeniorsRobert Krochmalik - Paul Lavings
2017Gold Coast Weekend Matchpoint Swiss Pairs - OpenPeter Buchen - Chris Hughes
2017Gold Coast Weekend Matchpoint Swiss Pairs 500Linda Norman - Wendy Gibson
2016Gold Coast Friday TeamsMartin Bloom, Nigel Rosendorff, Steven Bock, Les Grewcock



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