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QBA Championship Events

2014James O'Sullivan AwardNeville Francis
2014Queensland Open PairsNeville Francis - Magnus Moren
2014Queensland Graded Pairs Championship AJohn Luck - Ivy Luck
2014Queensland Graded Pairs Championship BBert Luchjenbroers - David Lehmann
2014Queensland Graded Pairs Championship CBob Thomas - Christine Thomas
2014Queensland Open TeamsTony Treloar, Peter Evans, John Mills, Beverley Stacey
2014Queensland Butler PairsPeter Hainsworth - Tony Treloar
2015Queensland Graded Teams ATherese Tully, Richard Wallis, Kerry Wood, Charles Howard
2015Queensland Graded Teams BIan Barfoot, Alan Boyce, Joan Jenkins, Linda Norman
2015Queensland Graded Teams CTerry Clarke, Sean Quinn, Deanne Gaskill, Jeanne Welch
2015Queensland Mixed Pairs ChampionshipEileen Li - Watson Zhou
2015Queensland Novice PairsHelen Blair - Anthony Marsland
2015Queensland Mixed Teams ChampionshipSanmugaras Kamalarasa, Neville Francis, Janeen Solomon, Magnus Moren
2015Queensland Senior TeamsDavid Harris, Timothy Ridley, Rosemary Green, Diana Stagg
2014Queensland IndividualPhil Hale
2014QBA Teams of ThreeTom Strong, Alan Boyce, Joan Jenkins, Linda Norman
2014QBA Teams of Three - BVal Roland, Helen Bougoure, Elizabeth Handley, Barbara Bright
2013QBA Teams of Three - CClaire Green, Andrea Pappas, Speros Pappas, Lesley Ellis
2014Queensland Wide PairsNS: Caroline Collie - Lorna Edrich
EW: Dorothy Gehrke - Roy Davenport
2014Queensland Seniors PairsHelen McLauchlan - Richard McLauchlan
2014Queensland Mens PairsPeter Hainsworth - Tony Treloar
2014Queensland Women's PairsJill Broad - Carmel Martin
Queensland Youth Pairs
2011Queensland Butler Pairs - Restricted SectionBrenda Lazarus - Nanette Loxton
2010Queensland Graded Pairs Championship DAlan Boyce - Mary Ewing



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