QBA Championship Records

QBA Championship Events

2013Queensland Mixed Pairs ChampionshipBetty Lee - Mike Robson
2013Queensland Novice PairsBarbara Love - Judy Hapeta
2014Queensland Senior TeamsRichard Perry, Rosemary Crowley, Alan Maltby, Diane Maltby, Mary Winch
2013James O'Sullivan AwardTherese Tully
2013Queensland IndividualByron Longford
2013QBA Teams of Three - ADenise Dodd with Daria Williams, Sheryl Haslam, Ian Cameron
2013QBA Teams of Three - BPeter Evens with Patrick Eather, Leanne Nugent, Anne Russell
2013QBA Teams of Three - CClaire Green, Andrea Pappas, Speros Pappas, Lesley Ellis
2013Queensland Wide PairsNS: Cathy Reed- Jeanette Roughley
EW: John Gill - Kevin Feeney
2013Queensland Seniors PairsChris Woolley - Carolyn Woolley
2013Queensland Open PairsNathan van Jole - Andy Hung
2013Queensland Graded Pairs Championship ATony Hutton - Malcolm Carter
2013Queensland Graded Pairs Championship BMargeret Pisko - Trish Anagnostou
2013Queensland Graded Pairs Championship CChris Larter - Andrew Gosney
2013Queensland Mixed Teams ChampionshipSanmugaras Kamalarasa, Neville Francis, Janeen Solomon, Magnus Moren
2013Queensland Open Teams ChampionshipBetty Lee, Tony Hutton, Mike Robson, Tony Jackman
2013Queensland Butler PairsAndrew Woollons - Richard Fox
2013Queensland Mens PairsAndrew Woollons - Richard Fox
2013Queensland Women's PairsTherese Tully - Pele Rankin
2013Queensland Graded Teams AAnnette Corkhill, Bill Hunt, Sylvia Sender, Rosa Lachman
2013Queensland Graded Teams BJim Taylor, Robyn Webcke, Cora Taylor, Julia Gardiner
2013Queensland Graded Teams CPaul Brake, Joanna Bratko, Jessica Brake. Kyle Gilchrist
Queensland Youth Pairs
2011Queensland Butler Pairs - Restricted SectionBrenda Lazarus - Nanette Loxton
2010Queensland Graded Pairs Championship DAlan Boyce - Mary Ewing