Queensland Bridge Association

QBA Championship Records

Gold Coast Congress Title Holders

2015Gold Coast Friday NoviceJamaluddin - Rayani - Parveen Rayani
2015Gold Coast Ivy Dahler Butler Pairs - OpenPauline Gumby - Warren Laser
2015Gold Coast Ivy Dahler Butler Pairs - RestrictedLavy Libman - Tomer Libman
2015Gold Coast Seres-McMahon Mixed / Friday TeamsMichael Wilkinson, Marlene Watts, Susan Crompton, Michael Prescott
2015Gold Coast Thursday Rookie PairsNS: Barbara Moni - Wendy Casey
EW Peter Wilce - James Pope
2015Gold Coast Under 50 Masterpoint Pairs (Thur)NS: Patrick Eather - Amanda Adams
EW Jim Love - Sandra Goodworth
2015Gold Coast Under 50 Masterpoint Pairs (Wed)NS: Warren Moore - Gary Jenkins
EW: Gordon Stone - Gwyneth Jenkins
2015Gold Coast Teams Championship - Intermediate Michael Stoneman, Val Roland, Herold Rienstra, Bert Luchjenbroers
2015Gold Coast Teams Championship - Novice Justine Wlodarczyk, Bronnwyn White, Caroline Marshall, Margeret Teitzel
2015Gold Coast Teams Championship - OpenTaufik Asbi, Robert Parasian, Franky Karwur, Julius George, Beni Ibradi
2015Gold Coast Teams Championship - RestrictedAnne McNaughton, Faye Bell, Heather Scott, Margot Moylan
2015Gold Coast Teams Championship - SeniorsTrevor Robb, Andrew Janisz, Patsy Walters, Lynne Geursen
2015Gold Coast Monday Butler Swiss PairsChris Williams - Ian Lincoln
2015Gold Coast Sunday Rookie Pairs NS: Barbara Moni - Wendy Casey
EW: Kerry Raymond - Mary Fletcher
2015Gold Coast Pairs Championship - Intermediate David Johnson - John Watson
2015Gold Coast Pairs Championship - NoviceLouise McKenna - Elizabeth Ryan
2015Gold Coast Pairs Championship - OpenMagnus Moren - Neville Francis
2015Gold Coast Pairs Championship - RestrictedChris Duggin - Faye Carnovale
2015Gold Coast Pairs Championship - SeniorsRichard Brightling - David Hoffman
2015Gold Coast Weekend Matchpoint Swiss PairsPaul Collins - Ian Afflick
2015Gold Coast Friday TeamsJonathan Free, Sue Ingham, Howard Melbourne, Terry Brown



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