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Gold Coast Congress Title Holders

2014Gold Coast Friday NoviceGraham Carson - Ian Pick
2014Gold Coast Ivy Dahler Butler Pairs - OpenGeoff Eyles - Anne Somerville
2014Gold Coast Ivy Dahler Butler Pairs - RestrictedMaurice Loomes - Rachael Loomes
2014Gold Coast Seres-McMahon Mixed / Friday TeamsNeil Ewart, Felicity Beale, Robbie van Riel, Margaret Bourke
2014Gold Coast Thursday Rookie PairsNS: Diane Thatcher - Beverley Northey. EW: Jennifer Montague - Jane Hills
Gold Coast Under 50 Masterpoint Pairs (Thur)
2014Gold Coast Under 50 Masterpoint Pairs (Wed)NS: Daria Williams - Ian Cameron: EW: John Harrison - Charlotte Harrison
2014Gold Coast Teams Championship - Intermediate Bob Hunt, Kevin Dean, Bastion Bolt, Geoffrey Roberts
2014Gold Coast Teams Championship - Novice Carmel Wikman, Kay Roberts, Linda Norman, Joan Jenkins
2014Gold Coast Teams Championship - OpenHugh McGann, Matthew Thompson, Fiona Brown, Tony Nunn, Michael Ware, Geo Tislevoll
2014Gold Coast Teams Championship - RestrictedLaurie Skeate, Denis Ward, Monty Dale, Denis Moody
2014Gold Coast Teams Championship - SeniorsSteven Bock, Martin Bloom, Nigel Rosendorff, Les Grewcock
2014Gold Coast Monday Butler Swiss PairsMichael Curry - Rebecca Wood
2014Gold Coast Sunday Rookie Pairs NS: Lucinda Gun - Christine Williams EW: Catherine Armstrong - Veronica Amerena
2014Gold Coast Pairs Championship - Intermediate Stephen Hughes - Andrew Dunlop
2014Gold Coast Pairs Championship - NoviceSarah Carradine - Michael Young
2014Gold Coast Pairs Championship - OpenJustin Howard - Ishmael Del'Monte
2014Gold Coast Pairs Championship - RestrictedMarlise Jones - Kerry Watson
2014Gold Coast Pairs Championship - SeniorsRichard Brightling - David Hoffman
2014Gold Coast Weekend Matchpoint Swiss PairsAndy Hung - Adam Edgtton
2014Gold Coast Friday TeamsAndy Hung, Liam Milne, Michael Whitley, Adam Edgtton



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