QBA Calendar 2012

Full Calendar

Competition entries and draw (when available) are accessed via the Entries Link. Congress organizers are encouraged to email entry lists or club web site URLs to Andrew or Peter for linking on this page.

Date Competition Email Entry Form Entry List
Jan 8Gold Coast Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Jan 15QCBC Swiss Butler Pairs and Novice PairsE-Mail 
Jan 16-30ABF Summer Festival of Bridge - CanberraE-Mail 
Jan 22Northern Suburbs Graded TeamsE-Mail 
Jan 26-29Townsville Australia Day Pairs and TeamsE-Mail 
Jan 28-29Kenmore Pairs and TeamsE-Mail 
Feb 5Toowong Butler PairsE-Mail 
Feb 11-12QBA Senior Teams - Sunshine CoastE-Mail 
Feb 12Warwick PairsE-Mail 
Feb 19Arana Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Feb 25-Mar 3QBA Gold Coast CongressE-Mail 
Mar 10Toowong Novice Swiss Butler PairsE-Mail 
Mar 17-18QBA Selection Trials Open - Stage 1E-Mail 
Mar 17Dalby Swiss PairsE-Mail 
Mar 18Coolum Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Mar 24-25Rockhampton Butler Pairs and Spring TeamsE-Mail 
Mar 24-25QBA Selection Trials Open - Stage 2E-Mail 
Mar 25Toowoomba Novice PairsE-Mail 
Mar 29QBA Council Meeting- AGM  
Mar 31Surfers Paradise Novice PairsE-Mail 
Mar 31-Apr 6ABF Open/Womens Play Offs  
Apr 1Northern Suburbs PairsE-Mail 
Apr 6-9Townsville Easter CongressE-Mail 
Apr 8-9BBC Graded Teams and PairsE-Mail 
Apr 14QBA Selection Trials - Open Stage 2 E-Mail 
Apr 15Redlands Novice TeamsE-Mail 
Apr 15Townsville PairsE-Mail 
Apr 18-22ABF Senior Play OffsE-Mail 
Apr 21-22Gympie Pairs and TeamsE-Mail 
Apr 21-22Cleveland Bay Diggers PairsE-Mail 
Apr 25Anzac Teams - QCBCE-Mail 
Apr 25Cleveland Bay Diggers TeamsE-Mail 
May 1-7ABF Bridge for Brain Research  
May 4-7Mackay Pairs and TeamsE-Mail 
May 5-7QBA Selection Trials - Womens/Seniors E-Mail 
May 5-6Hervey Bay Butler Pairs and Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
May 5-7Toowoomba Pairs and TeamsE-Mail 
May 12Surfers Paradise Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
May 12QBA Selection Trials - Womens/Seniors E-Mail 
May 19-20QBA Mixed Pairs - ToowongE-Mail 
May 20Toowong Novice Mixed Butler PairsE-Mail 
May 26QBA Selection Trials - Womens/Seniors E-Mail 
May 26-27Caloundra TeamsE-Mail 
May 27BBC Graded Butler PairsE-Mail 
Jun 2-3Goondiwindi PairsE-Mail 
Jun 2-3Arana Butler Pairs and Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Jun 8-11QBA Barrier Reef Congress - CairnsE-Mail 
Jun 10-11QCBC Pairs with Restricted Section < 150 Mps and TeamsE-Mail 
Jun 16-17Sunshine Coast Butler Pairs and Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Jun 17Toowong Swiss Butler Pairs with Rest Sec < 150 MPsE-Mail 
Jun 21QBA Council Meeting  
Jun 23QBA Club Directors Exam  
Jun 23QBA ANC Teams DayE-Mail 
Jun 24Lockyer PairsE-Mail 
Jun 24Townsville TeamsE-Mail 
Jun 24BBC Novice PairsE-Mail 
Jun 29-Jul 1Cleveland Bay Teams **** Cancelled ******E-Mail 
Jul 1QBA Graded Teams - QCBCE-Mail 
Jul 7Mackay PairsE-Mail 
Jul 7-12Northern Territory Gold - Darwin  
Jul 8Redlands Novice PairsE-Mail 
Jul 8Noosa Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Jul 8Gold Coast SwissTeamsE-Mail 
Jul 8-19Australian National Championships - DarwinE-Mail 
Jul 14-15Bundaberg Butler Pairs and Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Jul 15BBC Graded TeamsE-Mail 
Jul 20-21Cairns Show CongressE-Mail 
Jul 21-22Moreton Bribie Pairs and TeamsE-Mail 
Jul 22Darling Downs Novice PairsE-Mail 
Jul 22Northern Suburbs Novice Pairs ** cancelled **E-Mail 
Jul 28-29Surfers Paradise Butler Pairs & Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Jul 28Mackay Novice PairsE-Mail 
Jul 28-29Maryborough Butler Pairs and Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Aug 4-5Proserpine TeamsE-Mail 
Aug 5Toowoomba Novice TeamsE-Mail 
Aug 5Sunshine Coast Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Aug 5Sunnybank Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Aug 11Townsville Novice PairsE-Mail 
Aug 11-12QBA Butler Pairs - QCBCE-Mail 
Aug 14-19Coffs Harbour Bridge Super Congress  
Aug 17-19Tully PairsE-Mail 
Aug 19Warwick Spring PairsE-Mail 
Aug 19Redcliffe Swiss Pairs - event cancelledE-Mail 
Aug 25-26QBA Open Teams - ToowongE-Mail 
Aug 26Cairns Novice PairsE-Mail 
Aug 26Noosa Novice PairsE-Mail 
Sep 1-2Yeppoon CongressE-Mail 
Sep 2QBA Graded Pairs E-Mail 
Sep 8-9Cleveland Bay Graded PairsE-Mail 
Sep 8-9Surfers Paradise Swiss Pairs and Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Sep 9Caloundra Butler PairsE-Mail 
Sep 15-16Mackay Barometer PairsE-Mail 
Sep 16Noosa Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Sep 16Tamborine Swiss Teams *** Event cancelled ***E-Mail 
Sep 21-23Magnetic Teams - TownsvilleE-Mail 
Sep 22-23Dalby Pairs and Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Sep 23Sunshine Coast Graded PairsE-Mail 
Sep 27QBA Council Meeting  
Sep 29-Oct 6New Zealand National Congress  
Sep 30Redlands Graded PairsE-Mail 
Sep 30Darling Downs Swiss PairsE-Mail 
Sep 30Cairns TeamsE-Mail 
Oct 6-7Gold Coast Butler Pairs and Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Oct 6Caloundra Novice PairsE-Mail 
Oct 6-7Cleveland Bay TeamsE-Mail 
Oct 12QBA Mixed Teams - QCBC - Round 1E-Mail 
Oct 13Mackay TeamsE-Mail 
Oct 14Gympie TeamsE-Mail 
Oct 14QCBC October Festival PairsE-Mail 
Oct 20-21QBA Open and Novice PairsE-Mail 
Oct 26QBA Mixed Teams - QCBC - Round 2E-Mail 
Oct 27-28Hervey Bay Butler Pairs and Swiss TeamsE-Mail 
Oct 27-28Cleveland Bay Anniversary PairsE-Mail 
Oct 28Surfers Paradise Graded TeamsE-Mail 
Oct 28Toowoomba Butler PairsE-Mail 
Nov 3-4Northern Suburbs Butler PairsE-Mail 
Nov 3-4Bowen CongressE-Mail 
Nov 4Caloundra TeamsE-Mail 
Nov 9QBA Mixed Teams - QCBC - Round 3E-Mail 
Nov 10Townsville Novice TeamsE-Mail 
Nov 10QBA Teams of 3E-Mail 
Nov 11QBA Senior Pairs and Youth PairsE-Mail 
Nov 11Sunshine Coast Novice PairsE-Mail 
Nov 14Cairns Eclipse PairsE-Mail 
Nov 17-18Central Qld Teams - MackayE-Mail 
Nov 17QBA Congress Directors Exam  
Nov 17-18Noosa Butler PairsE-Mail 
Nov 18QCBC Novice TeamsE-Mail 
Nov 24-30Qld Wide PairsE-Mail 
Nov 25Toowong Graded TeamsE-Mail 
Nov 30-Dec 3GNOT Final   
Dec 1Mackay Novice TeamsE-Mail 
Dec 2Redlands Graded TeamsE-Mail 
Dec 9QBA IndividualE-Mail 
Dec 13QBA Council Meeting